About Todd Glassberg

About Superman365

For 49 years, quiet unassuming Todd Glassberg has been living and traveling on his journey to be a solid future family patriach and to be loyal and caring individual for his family and friends ,both through his position as a father and as a member of OUR society. Todd has experienced many of lifes ups and downs, If asked, Todd will bravely reveal his own life experiences and he shares learned skills which have enabled him to overcome formidable challenges from childhood  and empowered him to strive to live life like Superman 365.


Todd’s warm and engaging style amplifies his natural ability to connect with people, no matter what their stature in life may be, and joins them in an authentic dialogue. Todd's mission in life is to be his best self. He strives to transform his life by focusing his time, energy and attention, and embracing his true self, a self that is balanced and ever moving forward. Todd also brings his inspirational message and useful instruction to coaching sports and mentoring businesses.


Todd is the Director of Sales and Marketing for an Online Marketing Firm located in Princeton, NJ.  His work focuses on building longterm value in his customers approach to managing their brand or marketing their products and services. A tireless consumer advocate, Tracy makes sure Delaware Valley residents are informed and educated with the most complete information to help them make the best decisions for themselves and their families.


Todd began his journey in Brooklyn, New York before transitioning to California and finally settling in the State of New Jersey. While growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he played Football, Basketball and Wrestling while also holding positions in Student Government in High School and College. It was during this time that Todd discovered his creative side, always a writer of poetry and short stories, Todd secretly was driven to publish and share his unique perspective with the world.  As adult life came, Todd pursued creating Technicalogy solutions for real life business needs; he adapted his innate ability to see the big picture into advantageous transformations for people and companies alike. 


Why Superman365:

Superman is truly an everyday superhero. What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. He is like us. An orphan from his own world exposed him to question his origins and his purpose. His love for his adoptive parents (The Kents) provided a grounded sense of belonging and an understanding of the human condition. His quest to keep his secret and not let people close to his heart, is something we all deal with on a daily basis. 

I find the inherrent human story behind the physically indestructible man, an honest sense of the journey we are all taken. I hope that you find motivation and solace that you are not alone. 


Inspiration. Information. Self Discovery.

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