Incredible Hulk

I have a temper, but generally I can keep it under wraps, even when provoked. Over the last year it has come to my conciousness that the world is filling up with people who want to try your patience. Sometimes it's a game of their own entertainment, sometimes it's a matter of their own selfmindedness and unfortunately sometimes it's just a matter of their broken social skills.

People decided to provoke others for many many reasons, least of all it doesn't have to truly do with your relationship with that person. It usually arises out of some fear or jealousy. The selfminded or selfish person evokes drama to preserve their own need for immediate gratification, while deflecting their behavior as someone else's fault. Broken social skills come into play when the person just doesn't know any better that their behavior is antagonistic.

How do you deal with this typical bully behavior, catching your temper from popping off, and work, live and play around these individuals in a morally responsible capacity?

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