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  • Mar 201511

    365 days of Superman – Todd Glassberg Views from the Front Porch

    — Superman 365


    Happy Spring 2015, time for Family, Friends and Introspection. I have always like two things throughout my life Superheroes and Dinosaurs. Funny thing is, neither are available for introduction. I have never met either.
    As a child, I always wondered what it would be like to be either. Looking at the world through their mentality, their vision, their space on this planet.

    I am making my 2015 the year of Superman. Let me explain why.

    I always wondered why we refer to Superman and Not Clark Kent. I guess it’s because Superman is the lead identity. He's everything a man would truly aspire to be; strong, righteous, humble, sympathetic, and kind. He has grit.

    Clark Kent is the mask, the everyday persona we all wear on our travels, to achieve Superman status. Clark is the portrayal he uses to interact with people. Clark portrays all of the things that Superman can’t. It’s his shill so that people will not make a connection between the two. As Clark, Superman PRETENDS to be a bumbling, shy, weak, ineffectual, and an everyday ungraceful simple man.

    That's how it is in the comics. How is it in real life?

    How many times in our life do we need to keep ourselves in check. We have many faces, one for work, one for our family / friends /spouses / girlfriends, one for our children and every now and then we can share the inner face, the true essence of ourselves that we can only feel comfortable to show to some. At that moment we are the true Superman, letting our vulnerability out with secure comfort of who we chose to expose ourselves.

    In real life I have that inner voice that cries I’m Superman, not out of ego, or out of some sense of domination. I am Superman because I am strong, physically and mentally. Oh, I have my times when my judgment is clouded and my mood is less than super. I call those my Kryptonite fogs. I know thats cheesy but true.

    Superman was allergic to Kryptonite and I unfortunately am allergic to bullshit. Superman had a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way. Well I have battles for truth, my truth, what I believe through my experiences of what my life should be, or shall I say can be. My justice, the justice of where I calculate fairness, the fairness of what I give and what is returned to me. The American way, well this is my American way, leave nothing on the table, no words unspoken, no love deprived, no passion unpursued. In essence live life to the fullest. Live, don’t just exist. Don’t leave doubts with people. Enjoy the people who deserve your effort and everyone else does not exist. Oh I am not being cold or taking a dominant Superman stand. I am being truthful. People who work against you take away the one thing that money can’t buy, they take you time. Being nice to people on the fringe is not submissive in nature. It takes superhuman strength to put yourself out there. To be receptive for love, kindness, sorrow (yes sorrow). All these things fill up our soul.

    So this year will be 365 days of Superman

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