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  • Mar 201510

    Leesa Shapiro-Short Stories from NYBagelCafe

    — Superman 365


    Leesa Shapiro walked in to NYBagelCafe in downtown Manhattan.  Like every Tuesday, Leesa ordered her coffee and watched, or shall I say, let her mind wander through the rolling swirls of cream as they mixed in her cup. Leesa always envisioned herself as a modern day Wonder Woman. It wasn't lost that the character had been rebooted since her childhood. It didn't matter, she bonded with the theme of Wonder Woman's mission; the mission of rescue, she has grown to be more than a symbol to an explicit war effort, she had been reconstructructed to be an ambassador from a superior culture.  Leesa Shapiro the path of righteousness isn't battling villains, her first priority and role is diplomacy, influencing society through a utopian example. 

    Leesa's uncle Joseph Pontoriero, a truly great man, always inspired Leesa to be a symbol of female power, a leader, a nuturerer , a successful example of hard work and dedication. Leesa's mind drifted back to the sidewalk , just outside the window; from her vantage point she witnessed the utopian act of kindness for the day. Ben Chevlin and Richard Roberts were on their way to work, as the do everyday. Ben and Richard work in the Wortly Building conviently located in midtown, so Leesa recognizes them from their charity work at Habitat for Humanity, where she volunteers. 

    Ben and Richard stopped in front of Jonesy the Homeless Vietnam Vet and opened their briefcases, out came breakfast. Two bagels with eggs and bacon.  Jonesy smiled and said, "Thank you" and then dug in.

    I read the comics every day, but nothing beats the true life heroics of our citizens. 

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