What People are Saying?

  • "Is insight relegated only to Super heros? Todd’s passion is authentic… He is the ‘real deal.” When he speaks of being attentive to lifes loving presence in our lives, you gain a fresh appreciation of our universal call to oneness."

    - Ben Chevlin, Community Food Planner , Carrol Gardens, NY
  • “We were thrilled to have Todd Glassberg as the keynote speaker at the ISMB Small Business Expo this year. Not only was his presentation entertaining and informative, it was truly inspirational!”

    - Leesa Shapiro for the Women’s Small & Mid Size Business Association
  • “Whether he’s paticipating at one of our events, introducing new perspectives, or taking the lead with his own inspiring story, Todd is authentic and the ultimate professional.”

    - DJ Boyd, Associate Publisher of 5AM Runner
  • “Todd connects with his audience on a personal level with interesting stories and thought-provoking insight into life’s most meaningful questions.”

    - Roberto Russo/Resturant Network 
  • “Awesome-ness would describe Todd’s inspiring & practical talk to our Pop Warner Football Team.”

    - Dawn M. Lago/Team Volunteer
  • “Todd leads the crowd with his enthusiasm and authentic message delivery. We are delighted when we know that Todd will be working with us to ensure a fresh passionate perspective on e-commerce and customer retension , his experience is valuable and well respected .”

    - Bradley Smith Furniture Nexus

  • "Todd Understands that superheroes are our first role models. Each of us identifies with a characteristic of one , if not a few. His stories highlight the Super heroes human qualities that exhibit vulnerability like us mere mortals."
    - Adam Wiles ‎Senior Director, Fundraising Analytics & Data Services
    Development at NYU Langone Medical Center

Inspiration. Information. Self Discovery.

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