Todd Glassberg has an alter ego

An alter ego  is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life. 

toddglassberg hulk13

The photo above submitted by Todd Glassberg, who chose this photo, said that for his marketing project at work, "The theme was duality of nature. I tried to represent two different aspects of the human condition; it can be calm and peaceful, but it can also be destructive." His photo submission can also be used as a visual to understand the concept of the "Alter Ego."

A distinct meaning of alter ego is found in literary analysis, wherein it describes characters in different works who are psychologically similar, or a fictional character whose behavior, speech or thoughts intentionally represent those of the author. It's also used to designate the best friend of another character in a story. Similarly, the term alter ego may be applied to the role or persona taken on by an actor or by other types of performers.

Alter ego is also used to refer to the different behaviors any person may display in certain situations.

Throught Todd Glassberg's 365 days of superman

(#365daysofSuperman ) I have experienced many highs and lows on my journey of health, fitness and self discovery. At my normal mentality , I felt the calmness of life and at my points of stress , I experienced the explosiveness of fight.

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