Superman 365

Superman 365 was inspired by the values Superman exhibits. His physical strength, his courage in the face of fear and adversity, his innate superpowers could have led him down a path to want to rule over Earth, but due to his upbringing by the Kent’s, he took all of the difficulties of his young life and poured his emotions into kindness, compassion and protectiveness. These are the morals and beliefs that drew me to this character. I feel that these traits are admirable and  I strive to achieve them by  living life to it’s fullest . That is why Superman 365 was created, I want to share my experiences with you all, one persons perspective that may resonate with your journey.


Superhero Line-Up

Superman is not the only superhero we should admire for their values and beliefs, some of his friends and counterparts have traits we should strive to attain. Superheros/People are not perfect, we all come from diverse backgrounds; the one thing every superhero has in common? They strive to make the world and themselves better than before. Their desire to improve is commendable, wanting to help others because of the experiences that they had. No one told Batman to use his money to fight crime, but he does, because of the adverse conditions he had as a child, like many of us in real life. They may be fictionalized characters, but they tell stories and provide lessons for us to see.