Todd understands that superheroes are some of our first role models. Each of us identifies with a characteristic of one, if not a few. His stories highlight the Superhero’s human qualities that exhibit vulnerability like us mere mortals.

Adam Wiles Senior Director, Fundraising Analytics & Data Services Development at NYU Langone Medical Center

Todd leads the crowd with his enthusiasm and authentic message delivery. We are delighted when we know that Todd will be working with us to ensure a fresh passionate perspective on e-commerce and customer retention, his experience is valuable and well respected.

Bradley Smith Furniture Nexus

Awesome-ness would describe Todd’s inspiring & practical talk to our supporters at RocaBella Gives & Compel America.

Cheryl Lee Team Volunteer

Todd connects with his audience on a personal level with interesting stories and thought-provoking insight into life’s most meaningful questions.

Roberto Russo Restaurant Owner

Is insight relegated only to Superhero’s? Todd’s passion is authentic… He is the ‘real deal.” When he speaks of being attentive to life’s loving presence in our lives, you gain a fresh appreciation of our universal call to oneness.

Ben Chevlin Community Food Planner, Carrol Gardens, NY

We were thrilled to have Todd Glassberg as the keynote speaker at the ISMB Small Business Expo this year. Not only was his presentation entertaining and informative, it was truly inspirational!

Leesa Shapiro Women’s Small & Mid-Size Business Association